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Citizen Journalism

Just got wind from The Slatest that the Polk Award, a great prize in American Journalism, will go to an anonymous citizen journalist who was filming in Iran during the resistance movement against the government this summer.  The video of the death of Neda Soltan, a young Iranian woman who was shot while protesting in June, became a rallying point for the protesters and for the resistance movement in general. The video is chilling, brutal, and emotional in its poor quality.  The raw nature of the video is directly connected to the raw emotion people were feeling during the protests, and shows the importance and necessity of citizen journalism in certain cases.


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Soft stuff

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but a little pop culture rewind in the name of love is never too late.  The media’s take on love is multi-faceted, like the coverage of any other controversial topic.  What exactly does love mean?  What are the different types of love, and how do they intermingle in our daily lives?  I know the romance topic might be beaten to death by now, but take a look at this link and start considering how the media (even if it’s just a student online publication) covers pop culture, and how pop culture permeates people’s lives. is a student-run site full of aspiring writers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  Their media team created a clever (and kind of fun) way to explore love on Valentine’s Day.  Reading the stories and clicking on the pieces of  the heart make you feel like you’re playing a board game.  It’s often said the young love the most passionately of all – these students definitely have an interesting perspective.

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What’s a News blog?

Good question…Literally exactly what the title is.

I’ll be talking about news in every facet imaginable. What’s going on in the media, what sources are saying, where the best places to get news are, who the best writers/reporters/columnists/videographers are and what you as a consumer should do with all of that information are all pretty relevant topics.

Still not clear? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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